Welcome to the Reviews! Here is a little information on how I review each of these deadbolt door locks. I have a background in construction, and spent a lot of time volunteering for Habitat for Humanity. A relative of mine was chosen to receive a home, so to support her family, I started to volunteer for them. I actually enjoyed what I did, and helping people, so I continued volunteering, even after her home was completed. I did everything from roofing, to designing and building the kitchens (as I am a Chef), to putting up the front doors.

Many times, materials are donated from large companies. Such as the door locks. Most of the time we got typical deadbolt locks, but occasionally we got really nice ones, including a few Sunnect AP501 locks. Installing these, and using them, got me interested in them. So I decided to learn more about them, using methods such as seeing them at home shows, talking to vendors, even calling the manufacturers and asking for information. So, here I have put my information together, and offer you my deadbolt reviews. Always check back for new information, as I may add more to a certain review, or even write a whole new review of a new deadbolt lock I get to play with. Enjoy.

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